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Marquis Test Kit: Your Guide to Passing Drug Tests

Saturday 25 May 2019 at 10:27 am. Used tags: , ,

This article intends to cover the types of drug tests you should expect, such as the dip test, and then tell you how to pass them. The dip test in particular involves multiple panel test configurations made specifically to be complicated so that it's harder for drug users to cheat the system and pass such examinations. Nevertheless, you can always depend on the marquis test kit to give you the lowdown on how to pass drug tests. Anyway, the dip test offers panels depending on how many drugs you're being tested for. For example, a one panel test involves testing one drug at a time, the two panel tests for two drugs, and so forth until they end up testing all 12 forbidden drugs at the same time.

Keep Reading to Learn More About Drug Tests

  • What Sort of Drug Tests Are Used? Usually, drug tests are sophisticated and involve lab work. However, commercial or home-based drug tests might be used instead, especially when it's for the sake of screening those who are already working for the company. Usually, job applicants have to shoulder their medical and drug test expenditures as part of their requirements to get a given job. At any rate, the instructions for using the dip test should give you an idea of how they work. More information about marquis test kit on wims cilabs.
  • How Drug Tests Work: Remove the dip test panel from the foil. Inundate it with your urine sample that's supposed to be within room temperature. Place the panel on a flat surface that's non-absorbent. Wait for colored line(s) to appear within 5 minutes after urine inundation. Read the results within those 5 minutes because they become false or inaccurate after 10 minutes of air exposure. If you didn't read the results at the allotted time, redo the test.
  • Please Take Note: A dip test used for drug testing is usually just a preliminary test. Further tests will be pursued if a trace of some sort of drug is found from the test. What's more, if your workplace requires a confirmed analytical result, they could instead use an alternative chemical method such as mass spectrometry or gas chromatography. It's the preferred confirmation method by the National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA.