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DIY Car Hidden Compartment Kit

Friday 28 June 2019 at 11:12 am.

Your car or vehicle can be an extension of your home where you can use some parts of the car as storage. The glove compartment in the car is always a good spot to stash items like documents, sunglasses or basically any other objects that needs to be stored properly. It is very important to keep the valuables in a secured spot especially when you are always on the go. Another reason why you need to store the valuables is to make sure that they will not be stolen.

Secret Compartments

Many people nowadays have their own secret compartments in their vehicles whether for storing valuables or items that they do not want other people to see. The best thing about creating a secret compartment in your car is well, only you would have access to it which can add a layer of security. There are many instructional videos or articles that show how to create a hidden compartment but if you want an easier way, then you can just purchase a car hidden compartment kit. These kits are sold online and even in car accessories shops. The kits come with instructions and the materials needed but if you do not want to assemble or set up the hidden compartment, then you can inquire at the local auto shop and see if they can get the job done. You also may find your ideal information about car hidden compartment kit on wims cilabs.

There are many containers that can be used as the secret compartment. If you have any mints container, then you can use that and create a hidden compartment in the cup holder. This is the best spot since it is close to the driver’s seat so you can easily reach into the compartment and get what you need. However, this compartment may not hold a lot of items but it can serve as a good spot to store jewelry or keys.