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Different Types of Vape - Balance CBD

Friday 05 July 2019 at 09:31 am. Used tags: ,

For some, vape is a symbol of being cool and young. Most of the vapers are young smokers and they are the leading consumer of vape juices. Well, there is a good benefit in using vape or e-cigarettes compared to the usual tobacco in the market. This is the reason why even young and old professionals are switching from cigar to vape to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In this modern technology, there are a lot of vapes in the market and online from sites like balancecbd.com and it is so hard to choose which one will suits your needs. So we list down the four basic types of vape.


You probably see this type of vape because it is the most common vape product. Vape cartridge can also use cbd oil in vaping but just make sure to test it first in the lab. This type of product is so cool because you can customize it by your own design and preference but this service comes with a reasonable price. Vape cartridge is fashionable, convenient and healthy.


Vape pen on the other hand are small and longer than the cartridge vape. Popular benefits of vapingcbd with this vape type includes improve focus, sleep and help you calm. It can also gives you relief in a tiring day at work and some of it has flavors so vaping will be a pleasurable experience for you.


In choosing this type of vape you need to make sure that you stay away from products with THC and nicotine because it’ll be harmful for you. Vape shot is the tastiest way to vape CBD oil that is why everyone loves this product.

Shot Kit

If you want to upgrade your vape shot then choose the vape shot kit. This is highly recommended for beginners because it is so convenient to use. It contains the things you need so you can start your vaping journey.